World Trade Organisation
Geneva (Switzerland)

The competition site requires a responsible intervention answering three basic conditions: the needs of a new work and relation space for both WTO officers and visitors, the undeniable representative character of the building itself, and a respectful attitude towards the existing building and the magnificient park in which it lies.


From de decision of understanding the full Parc Barton complex, it comes the powerful reality of the whole Parc des Nations in Geneva: a complex of worldwide institutional buildings spread along parks and forests, lying in their sites almost as sculptures, surrounded by greenery and amazing centennial trees. The precise study of the program required claims to condense the whole new working and administrative areas in a sole volume, convex, clear, complete but that slightly vanishes within the park.


Every time, every institution, must leave a remarkable architectonic footprint.


The proposed extension building, a transparent bubble, global and slightly reflecting, must become the new WTO, the WTO of our days. A transparente building which reflects the whole world it represents, the surrounding natural environment and its reality. Flexible but elegant, smart. Maybe another piece of those you can find when wandering across the lakeshore, among the trees.


The park and the former building reflections merge within the new façade, regarding the genevoises the colourful trees and the lake. A building for everyone around the world coming to Geneva to work. A building that can be rounded through walking, talking. A building made up from the main sustainability principles, where technology serves echology.

Efficient, Flexible, Transparent.


The project is organized as a green platform that takes the park surface to the very façade of the existing building, spreading this way the park beyond the WTO limits. A symbolic element, this slight bubble, lies on this platform, respecting this way the historic values of the old building and those of the park. The transition between both buildings, the new one and the current WTO seat, flows under the new green surface in front of the south old façade. Thus, the relationship between both buildings talks about respect, independence and contemporaneity.