Valdebebas Park
Madrid (Spain)

Playscape invites everyone to play - It is fitted with many programs from running tracks, synthetic play surfaces, to basketball courts, soccer fields, tennis and petanque courts, all within walking distance to the residential development in the northern edge. At the center of the park there are generous picnic and barbecue areas, large event and program spaces. At its eastern edge is a large sandy beach by a lake with bathing pools, volleyball courts, and climbing cliffs. Further to the south are a series of gardens and a large flowering bosque to accommodate a multi use parking lot, used for festivals and markets. This 'bosque' also houses the park maintenance and operations facilities. Adjacent to the new judicial campus are gardens for play and pleasure.


Playscape offers a sustainable site strategy – It is anchored by a series of ravines that provide natural site drainage, and supports a diversity of native flora and nesting grounds for wildlife. The ravines feature a transect of ecosystems native to the region, from broadleaf and coniferous forests at the upper reaches, through maquis, garigue, and steppe landscapes, to sand dunes and wetlands at the lower reaches, all of which culminate in a lake.


The terraces between the ravines are planted with a variety of drought tolerant meadow forbes, wildflowers, and grasses.

Playscape corresponds to the city – It is lined with varied edges and connectors that respond to the surrounding urban fabric. The primary park entry is across from the new (proposed) commuter train station, welcoming park goers with a visitor center, kiosks, and event space. The majestic umbrella pine is fitted with small fog machines, cooling the entry plaza and producing a beautiful light quality. Moving north, the entry plaza stretches into an undulating promenade activated by interactive features, kiosks, boat and bike rental, play areas, bathing and tanning decks, furniture, and lighting. The promenade is planted with various showy flowering fruit trees. The western edge is marked by a path and future tram line, allowing convenient access to Forest Park. The tram line, which loops around the entire park, has three stations along the western edge of the park. The Forest Park entry plaza station is situated at the highest point of the site, and is fitted with kiosks, and observation decks. Facing the expo center on the southern edge of the park is a large flowering tree bosque parking lot.


Playscape is a mirror of the city – It is engaging, entertaining, it is smart ecologically, always renewing itself, offering endless fluid experiences to its visitors.


Playscape is for everyone.