Quartier de la Concorde
Geneva (Switzerland)

The urban organisation of the L Sector  in the Concorde neighbourhood, in the outskirts of Geneva, represented a complex challenge to achieve the requirements expressed in the contest’s brief. We proposed to densify the limit adjacent to the Avenue de l’Ain (a high speed way at west of the site), placing the activity and commercial surface as well as social dwellings, allowing  the public space and school to be placed at the heart of the sector, protected behind this barrier.


In this way, the proposal seeks the construction of a lineal building which is “folded” in a protective gesture, generating a concave space in the centre of  site, and a small tower comprising the residential program. Their connection arranges the public space correctly, and therefore it becomes the real protagonist of the intervention. The interior is transformed into an extensive green space, completely protected from the severe environmental strains of the Concorde area, specially acoustic pollution.


This seems to be the correct place where to insert the school, assuring the ecological continuity of the district. The space between both of the residential buildings has a pure commercial vocation, an urban square with the character necessary to become the central activity zone of the area in the future. The combination of the folded geometry in the façades and the orthogonal interior distributions offers incredibly rich spatial variations which ensure the functionality of the living space.